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"Carved From Stone" 2022 This project was a collaboration with animator Lizzy Mikulich, with the goal of using Guelph's unique relationship to limestone as the creative inspiration for the music and art. The first piece narrates the Glacial recession that took place thousands of years ago, creating Guelph's characteristic hillscape, using samples of ice cracking, being crushed, and other ambient water smaples taken in Guelph. The second is inspired by the historic Limestone buildings still present today in Guelph. Fielld recordings from local limestone quaries were used as the percussive instruments, to mimic the endless sound of mining, breaking, and building that took place. Made possible by the Guelph Arts Council Research and Renewal Award

"Lo How A Rose E'er Blooming" 2021 An original choral arrangement of the 17th century Chritmas carol, with community members from around Ontario participating virtually. As part of the Otherwise Studios Featured Artist Residency

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